Seabird Observer

The Seabird Observer course is an intensive training program that focuses on the ‘Eastern Canada seabirds at sea (ECSAS) standardized protocol for pelagic seabird surveys from moving and stationary platforms’ (Gjerdrum et al, 2012). The course is delivered over 4 weeks online with an additional in-person session and at-sea practical. This course includes a field component.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Seabird identification

  • Ecology of seabirds found within and along Eastern Canadian waters

  • Instruction on how to complete recording pro forma

  • Familiarization with the ECSAS database

  • Essential information to include within the seabird report

  • Review of Leach’s Storm Petrel protocol

  • Bird handling techniques

  • Required equipment

Pricing and Packages

Course Registration Price
Seabird Observer (SBO) $1,280.00 Register
MMO + SBO $2,176.00 Register
PAM Operator + SBO $2,516.00 Register
PAM Operator + MMO + SBO $3,604.00 Register

All prices are in CAD, subject to applicable taxes, and subject to change.