Who We Are, What We Do

EDGEWISE Environmental is a certified women-owned marine environmental consultancy based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We focus in marine animal observation, mitigation, and anthropogenic noise solutions; providing tailored training and environmental consulting services across all marine industries.

Training Overview

At EDGEWISE we offer a variety of environmentally-focused training programs and custom workshops. Our primary focuses include marine mammal observation, seabird observation, and passive acoustic monitoring. We offer online and in-person training options available to private payers and corporate clients. See our course schedule and course descriptions for more information.

Consulting Overview

We are experts when it comes to marine mammals, seabirds, and anthropogenic noise. We offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our specialities include: marine mammal and seabird mitigation and monitoring (including acoustics), oil spill response, policy and legislation, data analysis, abandoned vessel assessments and project management.

What People Are Saying

10/10, would take the course again just for the fun of it! Went from not knowing anything about seabirds to feeling fairly confident in ID and methodology. It was a top-tier experience!

Seabird Observer Course, April 2022

Overall a great course and very educational. The organization was perfect given the remote studying and weekly meetings with Ashley. The course is designed to make you feel well prepared for the job.

Marine Mammal Observer Course, September 2021

Taking on this training is the best choice I’ve made,
Thank you!

Seabird Workshop, March 2020

Ashley is amazing at giving lectures. She increased my interest in marine mammals and seabirds and I have learned so much this week. I am so excited to start my job and I feel like she prepared me very well for it.

Seabird Observer Course, June 2019

Considering that this course was online for the most part and the drastic changes due to COVID, I was very satisfied with how it was delivered and taught. Super job Ashley!

Marine Mammal / Seabird Observer Course, August 2020

The class was fantastic online!
The pacing helped me retain much more than a 1-week crash course.

Marine Mammal / Seabird Observer Course, August 2020

Ashley is a great instructor who is very knowledgeable on the subject. She was also very helpful with any questions we had. Thanks for everything, this has been great and I have learned so much.

Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operator Course, August 2020

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