About Us

EDGEWISE Environmental is a certified women-owned marine environmental consultancy based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We focus on marine mammal and seabird observation, mitigation, and anthropogenic noise solutions; providing tailored training and environmental consulting services across all marine industries. We also have a growing Research & Development program and are always open to collaboration. We strive to tackle environmental issues with our clients through our training programs and consulting efforts to make a positive environmental impact on all marine ecosystems.  

Our Vision

The Edgewise vision is to implement a new standard for marine animal mitigation within the Canadian blue economy. This will provide our clients with unparalleled expertise, and our students with industry-leading knowledge and skills to better protect our oceans.

Where We Have Worked

Our marine environmental consultation and training programs have brought us all across Canada ranging from Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and British Columbia. We have worked with clients in renewable energy, oil & gas, marine and coastal operations, municipalities, and more!

Our Values

    By leveraging our industry expertise and knowledge, we accurately and effectively deliver the most comprehensive training programs and provide our clients with the highest level of services possible. We believe we can transfer our expertise to trainees through leading educational experiences that include theoretical training and practical at-sea opportunities.

    At Edgewise, integrity is pivotal to conducting great business. We strictly adhere to regulation and legislation with transparency and quality assurance.


    We believe it is  through consultation and cooperation of academia, industry, government and subject matter experts that improvement and growth can be built and sustained. Bringing these elements together allows for sustainable growth, established credibility and the chance to create and promote change within the [Canadian] marine environmental services sector.

Past Clients And Organizations