Protected Species Observer

The course shall focus on mitigation processes of offshore aspects that may impact marine mammals and sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico and aligns with the BOEM (Bureau of Ocean Energy Management) and NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) criteria for Protected Species Observer certification. This certification may also be required in other areas of USA jurisdiction.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of the MMPA (Marine Mammal Protection Act) and the ESA (Endangered Species Act) as they relate to marine anthropogenic noise and protection of marine mammals and sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Overview of seismic acquisition operations in the Gulf of Mexico and renewable energy projects along the American Eastern seaboard.

  • Overview of mitigation measures and the protected species observer program in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Discussion of the role and responsibilities of the protected species observer

  • Identification of Gulf of Mexico marine mammals and sea turtles

  • Cues and search methods for locating marine mammals

  • Data collection and reporting requirements


Registrants are required to have completed a previous Marine Mammal Observer certification as well as have completed 12+ weeks of documented and dedicated marine mammal observation. Proof shall be required before being accepted to the course.

Pricing and Packages

Course Price
Protected Species Observer  (PSO)* $500.00 Register

*Required pre-requisites

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