Möbius – Marine Mammal Observer

Edgewise Environmental is developing the Möbius – Marine Mammal Observer program with our partners at Whale Seeker. We have developed training protocols and programming for enhanced real-time detection of marine mammals using drone technology and Whale Seeker’s novel AI technology, Möbius Observer.

The program will include in-class theory, practical experience and assessment, drone pilot familiarization and the Whale Seeker AI platform for real-time detection – Möbius Observer.

What’s the benefit?

  • Enhanced MMO skills through use of drones and AI technology usage for faster detection of marine mammals.
  • Real time notification through the platform when a marine mammal is detected. The images can then be stored and audited.
  • More efficient mitigation practices saving projects time and money.
  • Skill development for marine mammal observers

Interested in the Möbius – Marine Mammal Observer training course?

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