Canada-Marine Mammal Observer

The course shall focus on mitigation processes of offshore and coastal programs that may impact marine mammals and other megafauna. Offshore and coastal activities covered include, but are not limited to seismic exploration, renewable energy, dredging, and pile driving. These activities and associated mitigative actions shall be discussed in relation to the “Species at Risk Act” and  “Statement of Canadian Practice with Respect to the Mitigation of Seismic Sound in the Marine Environment”. This course includes a field component.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A review of the “Statement of Canadian Practice with Respect to the Mitigation of Sound in the Marine Environment”

  •  A review of the “Species at Risk Act”

  • Basic theory of marine industries and their associated technologies that may impact marine mammals

  • Identification of marine mammals within Canadian waters

  • The ecology of marine mammals

  • Instruction on completing various recording pro forma

  • Essential information to be included within the MMO report

  • Offshore decorum, equipment requirements

Pricing and Packages

Course Registration Price  
Canada – Marine Mammal  Observer (MMO) $1,280.00 Register
MMO + SBO $2,176.00 Register
PAM Operator + MMO $2,516.00 Register
PAM Operator + MMO + SBO $3,604.00 Register

All prices are in CAD, subject to applicable taxes, and subject to change.