C-MMO Bridging Program

The C-MMO Bridging program is meant for those who have already successfully completed another recognized marine mammal certification and have global experience. This trainee is already familiar with the general processes involved in being an MMO and expectations. These trainees may be seeking a certificate specific to Canadian legislation and regulation in order to work within Canadian jurisdiction. This course is also excellent for Continued Professional Development.

The course shall focus on mitigation processes, specific to Canada, of offshore and coastal programs that may impact marine mammals. Marine anthropogenic activities covered include, but are not limited to seismic exploration (2D, 3D, VSP, etc.), renewable energy, dredging, and pile driving. These activities and associated mitigative actions shall be discussed in relation to the “Statement of Canadian Practice with Respect to the Mitigation of Sound in the Marine Environment” and “The Species at Risk Act”.

Course Syllabus

Pricing and Packages

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