The Canadian Marine Mammal Observer course is a comprehensive 4 day training program that focuses on mitigation processes of offshore aspects that may impact marine mammals. Offshore activities covered include, but are not limited to, seismic exploration (2D, 3D, VSP) in relation to the Statement of Canadian Practice with respect to the Mitigation of Seismic Sound in the Marine Environment.

Learning Outcomes Include:

  • A review of the Statement of Canadian Practice

  • A review of the Species at Risk Act

  • Basic theory of seismic exploration

  • Identification of marine mammals within (Atlantic) Canadian waters

  • Ecology of marine mammals (e.g. behaviour, distribution, migration, etc)

  • Instruction on completing various recording pro forma 

  • Essential information to be included within the MMO report

  • Offshore decorum and equipment requirements

This course includes a field component. 

Click HERE to view the course syllabus. Full joining instructions will be sent upon registration. 

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