Yazan joined Edgewise last week to complete a short-term internship through Memorial University's Centre for Entrepreneurship. The goal of the internship was to expose participants to private sector businesses, especially  start ups, and allow them to gain some insight into the daily processes that allow a business to function. Edgewise and Mr. Jabr were the first to student-business to pilot the project.

We asked Yazan to write a summary of his experience with Edgewise, available below!

"EDGEWISE Environmental has opened my eyes towards the importance of marine conservation and the benefits of sustainability. As an intern, I was honored and privileged to work on projects and tasks that I have not worked on before which contributed to my growth. Ashley Noseworthy is a wonderful entrepreneur who is one of the friendliest people I have ever met. She radiates so much positive energy while working, making the environment easy to adapt in. Her business is one of a kind where she decided to mix the concepts of business with the field of science. I am confident that many companies and professionals will be looking up to her for guidance.

Working for Edgewise has inspired me to learn new things, use proper time management and understand the difference between working long and working productively. I wish Edgewise and Ashley the best in the future and I hope to see the business flourishing with success and accomplishment."

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