Celebrating Our First Year in Business ...

and What a Year it's Been!!!

We've been so busy these past few weeks we forgot to say Happy Birthday... to ourselves! It's official, we have been in business for one year and what a year it has been. 

Our first year exceeded our expectations, bringing forth opportunities and partnerships we never imagined. It allowed us to meet some incredible people and we would like to extend a thank-you to all those who have supported our endeavours, from conception to launch , this past year and continuing. We would not be here without you!


So let's summarize this past year's highlights:


- We launched online in February 2018 and held private and public business launch events in March .

- We delivered a total of 9 open courses in 9 months!

- Almost all offshore MMSO's (marine mammal and seabird observers) and passive acoustic monitoring operators, supplied to the largest offshore Newfoundland seismic contract in 2018, had some form of Edgewise training. 

- We delivered our first private, company-tailored course. 

- We hosted a booth at the NOIA Oil and Gas Show in June, as part of NEIA's "Clean Tech Pavillion".

- We delivered multiple lectures and seminars to various schools and non-profit groups on the Avalon region of Newfoundland.

- We became a corporate sponsor of the MMOA (Marine Mammal Observer Association)

- We hosted 2 information seminars on the Memorial University campus.

- We were a sponsor of the NEIA "Newleef" conference

- We hosted our first intern

- CEO, Ashley Noseworthy was nominated for an RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award

There was so much more. Again, thank you to all that have supported Edgewise to where it is today and all those that continue to do so. The next year has a lot to live up to, but we're up to the challenge. Bring on our second year of business!

© 2020 EDGEWISE Environmental Ltd. 

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