Consulting Services

As a niche marine environmental consultancy firm our super power is the ability to be nimble and versatile. We are able to pivot and accommodate changes to projects quickly and with ease. We are well connected and our business centers around the blue economy, particularly within Canada. EDGEWISE has an incredible team of dedicated professionals and contractors with the capacity to assist with projects of any size.

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Marine Fauna Observation & Mitigation

We are experts when it comes to marine fauna observation and marine acoustic monitoring. Not only have we developed and delivered marine wildlife mitigation courses across Canada, we also offer personnel provision services for coastal and offshore environmental projects. These projects include;

  • Marine Mammal and Seabird Observation

  • Marine Mammal Acoustic Monitoring

  • Emergency Environmental Response

  • Tailored Observation Workshops

Project Management

We provide quality management services for a variety of environmental projects, and are experts in marine industry standards, environmental policy, Canadian blue economy legislation and regulation.

  • Development of monitoring programs

  • Consultation on best practice

  • Permits, policy, and legislation consultation

Environmental Assessments

We have the proven ability to collate large amounts of data efficiently, to the highest standards and generate comprehensive, industry leading reports. We have a reputation of being able to do this under aggressive timelines to meet industry and regulatory requirements so decisions can be made effectively and in near real time.

  • Environmental survey sampling

  • Vessel assessments in compliance with the Transport Canada – Abandoned Vessel Program

  • Environmental baseline reporting

  • Environmental impact projects

  • Environmental effects monitoring programs

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Past Projects

Abandoned Vessel Assessments

Port Au Choix and St. Anthony, Newfoundland – EDGEWISE was sought to complete assessments of both an abandoned barge and vessel in accordance with the “Abandoned Boats” program administered by Transport Canada. The assessments were successfully accepted by Transport Canada and the towns were able to pursue plans for removal.

Indigenous Engagement

EDGEWISE has a strong relationship with Indigenous communities in Newfoundland and Labrador, including Miawpukek First Nation, Qalipu First Nation, and the Nunatsiavut Government to provide tailored training and workshops focused on marine fauna identification and observation protocols.

Emergency Environmental Response

EDGEWISE provides personnel to assist with wildlife surveys and data collection, most often in East Coast Canada. EDGEWISE has facilitated and participated in the development of wildlife response plans compliant with federal and regional regulators and stakeholders.

We have also developed a Wildlife Observer Program for the Eastern Canada Response Corporation (ECRC). This program shall be required of wildlife observers before being permitted in the field for specific environmental response activities. 

Seabird Kit Provision

EDGEWISE has built and provided over 40 kits to reside onboard multiple client vessels and offshore installations. These kits include all equipment trained personnel would require for the safe handling, disposal and storage of stranded, dead/oiled birds in an offshore environment. We also provide custom training videos and online live training for seabird handling and awareness.

We have facilitated the provision of Seabird Handling Kits from one of our offshore clients to donate to the Indian Bay Ecosystem Corp. in Cape Freels, NL. These kits will assist them in their handling and storage for a project focused on Leach’s Storm-Petrels (Oceanodroma leucorhoa).

What People Are Saying

EDGEWISE provided a very professional, friendly, and thorough service. They were easy to talk to and always kept us up to date on the project. Went above and beyond to help.

Town of Port au Choix

Impeccable devotion and commitment to assisting operators in meeting regulatory commitments pertaining to marine wildlife identification, handling and reporting. EDGEWISE went above and beyond to meet logistical challenges by providing both virtual training and fully equipped field kits. A key driver in this industry to ensure environmental protection and compliance in the oil and gas industry.

Industry Client

Research & Development

At EDGEWISE we believe research and development to be paramount in advancement and innovation. We strive to create new services, products, and processes that are rooted in science. This is where we let our imagination, creativity, and expertise flourish. Collaboration is key and we are always interested in engaging with others and being part of a team.

Past Projects

  • In-house technology/innovation project (IRAP/NRC) – This is ongoing and proprietary, sorry we can’t tell you more just yet. Soon!


With our head office in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada we have grown up in and around the ocean. Saltwater runs through our veins. Our company was born on an island and with that comes a deep connection to those natural elements that surround us.

We believe that knowledge and expertise should be shared. With the international experience of our personnel and contractors we bring together a team that can offer a wide variety of services and training products to an international audience. We are open to collaboration on a global scale. Our current efforts are primarily focused within the Caribbean region, including Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago.