EDGEWISE Environmental Ltd. has been established as Canada’s FIRST environmental consultancy focused in marine mammal observation, seabird observation and acoustic monitoring training.

There exists a gap within the market of mitigation training and accreditation within Canada. Having the largest coastline in the world, we believe Canada should be at the forefront of environmental protection and survey monitoring, especially as it relates to oil and gas activities.

We acknowledge that today, corporate social responsibility dictates a commitment to protect both people and the environment within sustainable development projects. EDGEWISE provides the most current information and instruction to ensure that our trainees and clients are prepared to meet the challenges posed by these commitments, through enhanced understanding of risk and improved mitigation solutions.


Competency, Integrity, Synergy. 


The EDGEWISE vision is to provide our clients with the tools, knowledge and confidence they require to progress their career.



Learn more about the need for a standardized Marine Mammal and Seabird Observer course within the Canadian offshore oil and gas sector.

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